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Unemployment Benefits Scheme In Netherlands – Eligibility & Procedure

If you are unemployed but still reside in the Netherlands, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits scheme in Netherlands. Eligibility criteria and complete procedure explained.



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unemployment benefits in netherlands

Overview: Unemployment Benefits Scheme In Netherlands

Whenever we quit or lose our occupations, we all need money; times get difficult those moments. But the excellent news is that if you are someone who resides in the Netherlands, you can claim jobless benefits. If you are unemployed but still reside in the Netherlands, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits scheme in Netherlands.

Keep reading the article till the end to know more about it. 

Working Of Unemployment Benefit Scheme In Netherlands

According to the worker insurance company system, beginning joblessness incentives are provided out at 75% of the average pay an individual has made throughout the last year, excluding the current month, and 70% after two months, depending on the situation. The individual should be conscious that the job-seekers allowance is not a humanitarian reward, therefore it has a three-month baseline and a 38-months maximum duration. You must seek employment and present evidence of registration throughout this timeframe.

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Eligibility Criteria To Get The Unemployment Benefits In Netherlands

Some of the eligibility criteria to get the unemployment benefits in Netherlands are as follows:

  • You might have developed over the past 26 weeks out of the previous 36 weeks preceding losing your job to be qualified for basic benefits, which cover 3 months’ wages.
  • Extrinsic factors should have played a role in your employment loss. As a result, unless you’ve been terminated for individual matters, you won’t be eligible for the program.
  • Overseas who are permanent citizens of the Netherlands are able to qualify.
  • If you miss over five hours of work each week and have no way of compensating yourself financially. 

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The Procedure For Applying For Unemployment Benefits Scheme

You will be asked to apply for permission and should be capable of supplying the following information as part of the registration process, they are as follows:

  • Payment stubs that have been authenticated.
  • Employment offers from the beginning.
  • A cancellation message or agreement.
  • Year of job previously confirmed.
  • Your BSN number is an assigned identifier for you.
  • A DigiD program.
  • A valid form of documentation is necessary, including a visa or permanent residency.

The approach can take up to three weeks and can be that the system should allow for the initial day of jobless.

Advantages Of Unemployment Benefit Scheme

Various deferred compensation plans are available in the Dutch taxation system to recompense persons for household circumstances or drop in income: 

  • Tax incentive overall: The universal tax incentive, which is essentially a financial benefit on your income via your employment, is accessible to all staff in the Netherlands.
  • Childcare subsidy: The Dutch government is providing reimbursement to meet the expenses of daycare.
  • Benefit for children: Provides a portion of the expenditures raising the necessary children and is determined by the number of youngsters, their gender, and whether or not they reside in the house.
  • Rental assistance: Guidelines recommended by the applicant’s gender, the renting amount, and the family’s income earnings and configuration.
  • Benefits for children: If your youngsters are now under the age of eighteen years and your annual income is less than 46,700 euros, you will immediately get the child tax credits.


So, this is all that is about the unemployment benefits scheme in Netherlands, how it works, and the eligibility criteria. You can indeed contact ODINT Consulting if you still have special queries about employment relationships in the Netherlands. 


Your workplace is not obliged to give you notice that your agreement is coming to a close, and you are not required to give notification to your workplace. Nevertheless, if your company intends to prolong your contract, they must notify you at least a month before the closing date.

Many individuals are unaware of this or have never considered it. If you lose your work in the Netherlands, you should find a different job within three months and somehow still satisfy all of the standards in order to reapply for your 30% determination.

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