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Successful UAE Market Entry Strategy in 2022: Brief Description

The following article will help you to understand the meaning of a successful UAE market entry strategy, things to consider to make a UAE market entry strategy successful, and convenient ways of entering the UAE market.



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successful uae market entry strategy

Successful UAE Market Entry Strategy: Brief Description

UAE acts as a perfect business platform for a lot of international businesses. It is considered one of the leading global economies in the world due to its charming geographical location, ample business opportunities available, stable political system, strong capital flow, and relaxed entry norms. The following article will help you to understand the meaning of a successful UAE market entry strategy, things to consider to make a UAE market entry strategy successful, and convenient ways of entering the UAE market.

Defining market entry strategy

A market entry strategy is an operational plan to increase a product’s sales and distribution in a newly targeted market. A successful market entry strategy plan consists of the business goals and accomplishments, an overview of the new market, and measures to achieve and maximize the success of the product and service in the market.

A UAE market entry strategy requires the following considerations to operate successfully.

1. Proper Business Plan – For any business to flourish in a market, it is very important to have a proper business plan. An adequate business plan includes measures that would focus on the goals and prognosis of a business for the upcoming five years.
Suppose, you want to enter the UAE market successfully, a proper detailed business plan would guide you to achieve your goal by keeping into account your competitor’s behavior and market entry strategies, marketing plans, profit motive, financial needs, revenue-generating sources, etc.

2. Thorough Market Research – A deep understanding of the new market is a significant task when a business decides to enter a new market. Suppose you want to enter the UAE market, thorough market research would help you to gather information and analyze the information to help your business identify possible threats and opportunities. In the UAE, different nationalities and cultures co-exist and hence the choices and preferences of people may vary. Thus, thorough market research of the UAE market would enable you to understand-

● The markets potential and the possibility of your business
● The new markets culture
● The markets demography
● Opportunities available and potential risks associated
● The laws of import and export prevailing in the market
● The existing competition
● Financial charges entering a new market
● Develop the product or service following the consumer’s preference and the latest trend
● Working acquisition channels

3. Knowing the Legal rules and regulations of the UAE market – One of the most critical elements of the UAE market entry strategy to be taken into consideration is having a good idea about the existing rules and regulations of importation and exportation in the country. To access the UAE market successfully, you must be aware of the relevant laws and regulations applicable to international entities, tariff norms, etc which will prevent you from experiencing other problems.

Convenient market entry strategies for the UAE market

convenient market entry strategies for the uae market

Representative Office
One of the ways of emerging in the UAE market is through the help of a Representative Office. A representative office will help you to carry out your business activities like marketing, promotion, and branding in the UAE market. However, these offices forbid you to conduct commercial transactions like selling products.
This method of UAE market entry strategy will work only if a UAE citizen is designated as a local agent to perform your commercial activities and duties.

Local Partnership
Partnering up with a local company is another UAE market entry strategy. Merging with a local partner will help you to have a better understanding of the market economy as it will help you gain insights into the customer demands and preferences, the latest trend in the market, existing competition, pricing policies, and rules and regulations.
Since a partnership will make you completely dependent on your partner, the risks associated with the market would be low. However, the risks associated with investment and profit would be much higher.

Local Distributor
Another probable UAE market entry strategy is through a local distributors assistance. This market entry strategy will make it easy for you to do your business in the UAE local market as you can hire local distributors, wholesalers, or suppliers. The local distributors will help you carry out your sales and distribution in the area smoothly and save you from being involved with a local entity.

Business Licensing
Business Licensing is one of the most popular UAE market entry strategies that international businesses use to enter the UAE market. In the UAE market, a business license enables you to trade your products or services without involving any local agents. However, this method is not recommended for small size businesses or enterprises as it can be difficult and time-consuming to obtain a business license.

Business Franchising
Big corporates, enterprises, and brands can franchise their brand and business with local bodies to gain global expansion. However, while entering the UAE market through this method one has to draft a Franchise Agreement with the local bodies after which the business can fully operate in the market.

Business Expert

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It is possible for a business to operate satisfactorily without causing havoc if they have a successful market entry strategy. The odds of failure in business are lower for businesses that follow a detailed business plan than for those that do not. Businesses that enter the market without a proper plan and take hasty action often fail in the business and incur huge losses. A successful UAE market entry strategy will help foreign businesses to enter the market appropriately.

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