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Shannon Free Zone in Ireland: Business Sectors, Allowed Activities & Advantages

Shannon Free Zone in Ireland was created in 1959 & is the world’s first open trade zone. This free trade zone in Ireland is well-known for its distribution across Europe due to the exclusion of taxes on customs and the ease of access to land, air, and water.



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Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most appealing business locations in Europe due to its many incentives to foreign and local firms. The country is among the first European country to have a freedom zone of its own. Free zones are commercial areas where businesses are operating within a restricted number of related industries.

shannon free zone in ireland

The majority of businessmen opt to start a company in an area that is free due to the advantages associated with it. Shannon Free Zone in Ireland was created in 1959 & is the world’s first open trade zone.

This free trade zone in Ireland is well-known for its distribution across Europe due to the exclusion of taxes on customs and the ease of access to land, air, and water.

In this article, we will be discussing all the aspects of the Shannon Free Zone in Ireland. So, without any further, delay let’s jump into it.

Reason to establish a business in Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

The Shannon free zone in Ireland is among the most important source of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and hosts hundreds of companies from around the globe. It allows investment in various sectors and currently has around 8000 employees.

This zone of no cost is favored by the majority of companies as they are exempt from VAT on imports which includes raw materials if, 75% of the final product (or the product that is manufactured) is further exported.

Shannon free zones in Ireland can offer investors the possibility of keeping stock and raw materials at an extremely low cost has increased the free zone’s popularity across the globe. The incentives and exemptions have made multinational companies flock to the free zone to set up their operations in Europe.

Activities allowed in the Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

  • Maintenance and Repair of the aircraft.
  • Trading activities that require approval before the Minister of Finance. Ministry of Finance.
  • IP rights-related activities.
  • Production of products associated with the industry.

Key Sectors in the Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

  • Aviation- Companies that deal with maintenance for aircraft fall in the aviation sector. Because this zone is situated near Shannon Airport, most business owners prefer having their aviation companies here because it eliminates the requirement to create separate runways for aircraft.
  • Engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Devices
  • Commercial Industries – This sector involves activities that span in scope from Information & Communication Technology to insurance, telecommunications & Finance.
  • International Services
  • Trading is a type of trading that includes secondary or ancillary trading.

Benefits of the Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

benefits of the shannon free zone in ireland
  • There is no value-added tax for imports of items.
  • Imported goods from non-EU countries to be used in processing are tax-free.
  • Exports of goods to countries outside the EU are also exempt from customs duties.
  • A tax rate for corporations of as low as 12.5% on all profits from trading.
  • The hotel is close to Shannon airport and has regular connections with the US and Asia.
  • Investment, Employment, Training, and Research and Development grants.
  • A skilled and educated workforce.
  • Great transportation network connectivity through water, air, as well as the land.

Company Setup

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 Free trade zones are characterized by no tax rate as well as preferential customs duties and the complete exclusion of import and export tax exemption

Shannon Region consists of counties Clare and Limerick. Clare is awash with visual delights derived from the famous Shannon River Shannon as well as Lough Derg which forms its eastern boundary, and its westward expansion towards its wild Atlantic coastline, with high golden beaches and towering cliffs.

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